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 Steve Corn 

Artist Statement

"When I say "ART" ... I always throw quotes around it with my fingers... I am not even sure if "ART'' really means anything..."

I started college in 1984, I Graduated from Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro TN in 4th college..  with a BFA in Sculpture with an emphasis in metals.......I guess it takes me 19 years to do ANYTHING important...

Pup 42

One of a zillion pups I drew, sculpted and painted in about 1987-88... I made about 40 mini RAKU FIRED pups, and 12 or more lifesized HUGE fireclay pups...I had a habit of throwing my pieces in the dumpster after I finished them.... I am still looking for a picture of any one of them.. This one was retro drawn for the band Laughing Storm Dogs it was on their T shirt.... probably about 1990-91..... I  eventually realized the PUP is actually a portrait of a dog named "Come'ere" I had when I was a kid.

Media: Pen on Bar Napkin  ..


    Media:Screen Print on T shirt with LSDs LOGO

Pup 43


Media:Photo shopped version of napkin drawing.2006

I dont know if I ever titled this one... from 1989, it is a statement about racial violence... but I think it translates to modern political violence too...

I am calling it RED ON BLUE VIOLENCE now...

Self Portrait 991

 "The Monterey Kid"


In 1:6 scale, the gun rig might fit around a small wrist. Its TINY...

Media:Leather, Pewter, Brass, enamel paint and sealer.

In a private collection

Self Portrait 992...

Media: Photo Shop

If you want a copy of this, just hit print... go ahead... make my day...

Self Portrait 993

This was in my senior show from College, MTSU, like all my self portraits, it looks JUST like me,it is my height, and it took about 30 minutes to make, and as a bonus, it looks JUST LIKE I FELT WHEN I "SCULPTED" IT... .

Media:Salvaged barn wood, nails, aluminum sheet, string,tape.

Self Portrait 994

This was in my senior show from College, MTSU... This is how I pray... I just poke my hands out to the universe, and I get what I need in the fullness of time...... it looks EXACTLY like me... .

Media: Salvaged barn wood, nails


Self Portrait 995

 Its like looking in the mirror... All the stand up ones are about my height, 6'3, I used my real eyes on this one. This one was also in my Senior Show.

Media: Salvaged barn wood, nails, spray paint, sheet steel,circular saw

Self Portrait 996

Also in my senior show, this one LOOKS EXACTLY like me... see the hole in my middle?

Media: Barn Wood, nails

Self Portrait 997

"Soul Shell"

I plasma cut this out of 2 4x8 sheets of 16 ga steel, then cold hammered it into a ball, its ridiculous, heavy and unstable, like me... , but it rattles when the wind blows... it is a self portrait of sorts.

Media: Plasma cut 16 ga. sheet steel, painted

 In the collection of Shawn Berbert

Self Portrait 1000

Self Portrait 1000


"Working Man"

Once again, a dead ringer for me. This was borderline performance art, I showed up late for my critique with 20 cans of potted meat, I took off the boots I was working in all day (renovating a burnt house), I spooned the meat into the boots, and sat it on a big white pedestal and proclaimed it to be "ART""

With the combined power of MY feet and potted meat......... it really stunk.

It didn't make it into my gallery show. Due to the smell I was forced to remove the piece from the building. I left them in the back of my truck for a couple of days until my wife made me throw them out....

Media: Sweaty work boots, potted meat.

"SCISSORS with Prosthesis"

June 2007

This seems like something my Grandpa would have done. My Grandparents were Depression Era folks who NEVER threw away objects that might have future use.... I can imagine him finding a broken pair of scissors and whittlin' a new "leg" for them.

Media: Scissors with wooden leg

In Private collection

"Joy Machine: Sold Out"

Nov. 2004

It has a slot for a credit card, but no price is marked on it... you have to take your chances... but you can also see that it's empty......

Media: Antique drink Machine, plexiglass RTA vinyl sign

In Private collection




I got this idea late at night... and sketched it out, thinking it would be a good study for a painting or sculpt... it's just stupid enough to be funny... it plays out of my love for really stupid humor and Sci Fi.... and no, it doesn't make any sense.

July. 2008

Media: Photoshopped drawing



While in the full bloom of annoyance  I took took this picture of myself and photoshopped it into some SP's....


STEVO!                            How did I get HERE.....?


1001                                         Ghost of Self

THE ELEPHANT, someone spilled the last elephant....

MAY 2010

Found objects photographed and photoshopped.

Political protest as "ART"..... Mr. Rand Paul doesn't like the Civil rights act of 1964


In college "THE PROCESS" was talked about continuously, whether the "act" of making the art was more or less important than making the art itself... this piece evolved over 6 years. It started when I was sculpting with a 2 part epoxy clay and had some left over, I stuck it on the lamp and the project started... every time I had a lump leftover that I didnt need I stuck it on the lamp. Some of the lumps were incised or stamped for texture. I eventually covered MOST of the surface....

MEDIA: Found object (lamp). Epoxy Clay compounds, Silicon molding compounds, Engine epoxy.

"Someone spilled the last Black Rhino" 2013 Photoshopped digital image of found objects.

"Someone spilled the last Black Rhino #2" 2013 Photoshopped digital image of found objects.

Self Portrait 1002 or there abouts... Another Robot
Mixed media,crayons, colored pencils, bic pen, sharpie... on sketch paper