I am still working slow, making it all by hand and I am 
in NO HURRY, I work at my own pace in my own time and will not be stressed about it. MY TIME FRAME RIGHT NOW IS AT LEAST 10 WEEKS, GUARANTEED, maybe longer and I am not kidding. It really will take that long. 
I dont keep any handmade stuff in stock, I make it for you after it is ordered and there are a lot of people ahead of you. It never eases up, so the sooner you order the sooner you get it.
RETURN POLICY... Since my stuff is all hand made to order for you, the only reason I will give a refund or take a return for remake is if I made the error in making the item, i.e.  if you order a specific size and I make it too big or too small I will fix the problem. If YOU order the wrong size, I cannot help you. I have no way of knowing how big your action figures waist or hat size is, I rely 100% on the customers accuracy in measuring. When ordering hats and belts please fill in the text field for size. 
Make sure your paypal email is a working email you can check, if I have questions about your order I will contact you that way.
If you have questions, check my progress page if that does not help, email me stevo@stevostoys.com

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