Main Entry: od·ys·sey pronunciation: \ˈä-də-sē\ Function: noun Inflected Form(s): plural od·ys·seys Etymology: the Odyssey, epic poem attributed to Homer recounting the long wanderings of Odysseus
1 : a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune
2 : an intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest

This all started a while back when I sort of casually asked a friend this question:
"How hard would it be to get some horses and tack made from the Thunderbolt molds?".....
Well, here is your answer.... PRETTY HARD!!!! But worth it!
I am proud to show you our 2 day Odyssey to get them rounded up and back to my studio here in "The MACK" McMinnville...
I'm Stevo, the guy in the white shirt. With me is "Red" my beautiful best friend and wife, and just to be safe we brought with us an expert on this breed of horses, a wrangler named John.
1)Red, Stevo and John (John is the little fellow in brown) ready to roll out.....
2) With co-pilot John  leaving McMinnville 5pm      3) night time in Cincinatti
4)-5)John in his hotel room in Ohio, about 2AM
 6)Me exhausted after driving 11 hours                 7)Red and John        
8) ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ                                9)mmmm chuck wagon coffee!! 


10) getting the lay of the land                                        11) Saddle up... day 2, and running late, cold and rainy

12) entering The village of platic horses about 11:15am                     13) Downtown


14) about 2/3 of the horses are in this.....    15) Plant manager Brian and the rest of the horses in open boxes..


16)My first look at the herd....


17) Somehow, its like meeting an old friend....                          18)Stevo, Brian, John and a horse in front of the warehouse

19) John rounds up some stragglers


20) John rounding up strays                                   21) Brian helping secure the load


22) Strays                                                                            23) LOADED UP!!! READY TO MAKE HISTORY!!!


24) Lunch at LJS day 2.....                                    25) Looks like it's going to come up a cloud...


26) Starting to rain in Ohio                                                    27) Cincinnatti by day


28)Cinnci skyline.... John prefers the plains..  29) bad weather rolling in....


30) Cinci scenery                                                    31) I finally give out, Red takes over driving. I sleep a couple winks

Coffee stop.... Ohioans are apparently overly concerend with safety...

32) Kentucky... 2 pm TORNADO WARNING on radio!!!!!

34) Kentucky...Possible tornado, hail and rain... about 3pm


35) In the tornado about 4:00 pm    36)More storm

37) IT IS STILL DAYTIME!!!!! See bright sky to the West?


38) Pesky horse trying to graze on my Chicarrones!!!! We stopped in Nashville for supper after the weather, then onto Cookeville about 11 pm, where we spent the night and picked up the kids from the Grandparents... 39) John checks the load


40) more driving... John is on lookout..                        41) McMinville COMING UP....


42) Back in the MACK!!! (Home of Dottie West the sign says..)           43) John unloading


44) Door to Door, 1300 miles, from 5 pm Friday to 12 noon Sunday

45) the first layer of horses!


46) 2nd layer almost done....  47) last layer....

48) John and the fruits of our labor, a history making trail drive!!! THANKS JOHN!

49) The entire herd, awaiting gluing and painting!

about 10 of each character awaiting boxes (Shadows on left, right front row Whiskeys, right back row Monterey!)

10 more Monterey and 10 more Shadows.....

the first 30 (10 of each BOXED and almost ready to go!!




Background items not included. Choking hazard, not intended for small children